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Code of Conduct

The purpose of the Code of Conduct is to encourage a pleasant, courteous and welcoming atmosphere at the Club, promoting an environment of fairness, safety, and respect.


It is every member’s responsibility to lead by example by observing these Guidelines:

  • Abide by the Club’s Rules for court bookings and reservations.

  • If other members are waiting, do not play over your allocated time. Play commences on the hour for 60 minutes. Always seek to accommodate fellow members.

  • Wear proper tennis attire, including non-marking shoes to prevent damage to the court.

  • Have your proof of membership signed and available upon request.

  • Members must ensure the court is left tidy and that ball can lids are properly disposed of.

  • Close the gate behind you when you enter or leave the courts.

  • Do not cross behind a court while a point is underway. When the point is over, move quickly

  • Be considerate when retrieving or returning balls. If a ball from your court goes onto another court, wait for a break in play on that court and then politely ask for the players on that court to return the ball. If the ball presents a danger to a player, alert them immediately. Return balls that come onto your court to the back of the court, at a break in play on that court. If a ball comes into your court and disturbs your game, call a let and replay the point.

  • Verbal outbursts, abusive language or behaviour, or abuse of equipment will not be tolerated. Members behaving in an aggressive, disrespectful, or offensive manner, will be asked to leave the courts.

  • Members are encouraged to submit a complaint to the Executive Committee if subject or witness to, any abuse, harassment, or defamation. If deemed necessary, Members will be invited to attend a Hearing.

  • All players must be members.

  • ​Children under 12 years old must be accompanied by an adult. At no time should children be left unattended in the courts or be disruptive to tennis players.

  • ​The courts are to be used only for playing tennis. No skating, biking, soccer, or other play allowed.

  • ​Pets are not allowed inside the courts. Pets may not be tied to the Club fence or property.

  • Please follow the above tennis etiquette at all times. Failure to do so may result in revocation of membership.

Check out Ontario Tennis Association’s Tennis Etiquette Poster.

Check out Tennis Canada’s Rules of the Court Rulebook.

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