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Membership privileges and personal information permission

By completing the online registration form and paying the required fees, you are forthright a Member of Oakridge Tennis Club and are therefore entitled to all of the Membership privileges of Oakridge Tennis Club including but not limited to voting at the Annual General Meeting and any special meeting(s) of the Membership. 

If you provide an email address and/or a telephone number, you are granting permission for Oakridge Tennis Club or the City to contact you. For more information on being a member of Oakridge Tennis Club, please contact: Nadia Dermit, Membership Director at You can withdraw your Membership at any time by notifying Nadia Dermit, Membership Director in writing.

Your personal information will not be shared with Oakridge Tennis Club members unless permission is obtained. Members are also required to acknowledge the Oakridge Tennis Club waiver / disclaimer / email consent / code of conduct on the online registration form.

If you are unable to register online please contact with completed registration form.

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